Nowadays, many car models boast of modern safety technology including lane keep assist, free emergency braking, and blind spot detection which makes many drivers overlook headlight performance. Studies show that most cars have inadequate headlights. To improve your visibility while driving in darkness, Solomon Chrysler Jeep Dodge offers some steps that you can take.

  • Replace your worn capsules or headlights with new ones. Lights continue growing dim with time. Therefore, if you replace the old capsules, you would achieve a brighter beam.
  • Install brighter versions of your existing capsules. We offer direct-replacement bulbs that are brighter than the initial capsules for the upgrade.
  • Restore and clean the headlight lenses. You can wash to remove a buildup of dust or just buy a new restoration kit from us.
  • Upgrade to HID or LED headlights. We can replace the factory headlights with LED or HID ones that are brighter and long-lasting.

At Solomon Chrysler Jeep Dodge we offer quality servicing for your headlights to give you excellent visibility during night travels. Contact or visit Solomon Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Brownsville for assistance.

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