Holidays and festivities are a time when people get together and celebrate. They also involve invitations by friends and family, and in good hearts, it is a culture to bring food or other presents with you. However, it is quite hard keeping the gifts or delicacies in a presentable or warm state especially if the drive is long or rough.

To avoid the mess, here are tips that you could employ next time.

Make sure you pack any dish with soup or stew in a leak-tight container to avoid spillage during the drive. To keep the food warm, you can wrap it using aluminum foil or towels. This insulates against heat loss. Baked items that may be brittle with delicate toppings, it is advisable to keep them in boxes and properly secure them to protect against sudden movements that may ruin them.

It is also advisable to lay towels where you are placing the food just in case there is a leak or spillage. The towels help absorb the fluids so that they do not stain your seats or the cargo area.

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