Which Spare Tire Will Save You the Most Room?

Spare tires take up a room no matter where you place them. Spare tires have always taken up space, but drivers early on realized the importance of having a spare tire as insurance that they would be able to get home. Manufacturers, to lure prospective customers, came up with the idea of a folding spare tire.

Folding spare tires require less room than any other type of spare tire. However, the folding spare tire requires extensive work to get back on the road. They must be inflated with an accompanying pump or air canister before they can be used. The time and effort needed for a dark night filled with wind and rain was enough to convince drivers that the savings in space were not enough compensation for the labor involved.

At Solomon Chrysler Jeep Dodge - Brownsville, we check your compact spare to assure its readiness for use.



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