Insect Spray: Unlikely Headlight Restoration Tool

Heat from the sun can harm an automotive headlight. Once the temperature reaches a certain range, the housing will begin to cook. Throughout this process, the color of the housing gradually fades. In most cases, solar rays will give a plastic headlight a yellowish tone, and intense heat can crack the housing on a glass headlight housing. However, if you implement proper procedures, you can prevent severe damage on a headlight that's made of glass or plastic. In order to enhance a headlight that's slightly faded, you'll have to use a practical cleaning solution, such as an insect spray.

Because a solid defense is the best strategy, you must keep your car in a shaded environment to avoid intense heat that could severely damage a headlight. If you're going to store your car underneath trees, sunlight could shine through the branches. When this happens, you can remove any flaws that occur on your headlights by wiping the surfaces with an insect spray.

Since the chemicals in an insect spray can harm the paint on a car, you should always apply the solution on rag. If you try to spray the product directly on your headlights, you might accidentally apply the solution on the paint.

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