Which Spare Tire Will Save You the Most Room?

Spare tires take up a room no matter where you place them. Spare tires have always taken up space, but drivers early on realized the importance of having a spare tire as insurance that they would be able to get home. Manufacturers, to lure prospective customers, came up with the idea of a folding spare tire.

Folding spare tires require less room than any other type of spare tire. However, the folding spare tire requires extensive work to get back on the road. They must be inflated with an accompanying pump or air canister before they can be used.

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Experience Driver Comfort in the Dodge Durango

The Dodge Durango has three rows of seats and can easily accommodate seven passengers. This vehicle is well-known for its durability, and it is capable of both city and off-road driving.

One thing that drivers want when driving any vehicle is a comfort. The Dodge Durango provides comfortable seating with good support. With the Durango, you have the choice of premium cloth seats, or you may choose leather-trimmed seats. The seats have lumbar support, and they are adjustable in eight directions. In the Durango, you won't have to reach for the controls.

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Insect Spray: Unlikely Headlight Restoration Tool

Heat from the sun can harm an automotive headlight. Once the temperature reaches a certain range, the housing will begin to cook. Throughout this process, the color of the housing gradually fades. In most cases, solar rays will give a plastic headlight a yellowish tone, and intense heat can crack the housing on a glass headlight housing. However, if you implement proper procedures, you can prevent severe damage on a headlight that's made of glass or plastic. In order to enhance a headlight that's slightly faded, you'll have to use a practical cleaning solution, such as an…

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What are Your Roadside Emergency Options?

Roadside emergencies can make any driver in the world feel vulnerable, uncertain and upset. It can be awful to realize that you have a flat tire. It can be horrible to have to deal with a scary car breakdown, too. If you want to take charge of any urgent matter on the road, however, that's totally in your power.

You can start by seeing to it that your vehicle is no longer on the road. Do so in a careful and measured manner. Do anything you can to encourage other people to see your car as well. Show a…

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Steps You Can Take During a Roadside Emergency

Cars break down all the time. One nearly inevitable event that happens to many drivers is an emergency roadside event. Knowing what to do when such an occurrence happens can mean safety or at worse, a car pileup.

Getting over to the lane that is closest to the right shoulder is detrimental. Apply your emergency blinkers to let other drivers that are behind you aware of the fact that your car is having problems. While paying attention to the traffic coming from the rearview mirror, carefully move the car to a safe location on the shoulder, preferably in a spot…

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How to Prepare for Your First Towing Experience

There are many actions that you should take prior to driving your trailer for the first time. One of those actions is to practice driving with your trailer before you tow an item on the road. This will help you get used to how your vehicle handles with it attached.

It will also help you learn how to maintain a steady speed, use your mirrors and keep an eye on your tires while driving. It is critical that you keep items tied down and properly distributed. It is also ideal to make smooth turns and to brake at a smooth…

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MOPAR Makes Long Family Road Trips Easier

MOPAR solutions help motorists simplify long road trips because they can be used the preparation phase and throughout the driving process. The solutions that MOPAR developed are very valuable and beneficial, as the company has built a strong reputation by successfully serving consumers for more than 80 years.

Before a road trip, MOPAR helps motorists strategically tackle any needed maintenance tasks. If a car requires a replacement component, the MOPAR app can pinpoint an ideal maintenance product option. MOPAR also offers options for motorists who need to upgrade different...

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The Dodge Challenger is a Stylish Muscle Car for Brownsville Drivers

The Dodge Challenger has unique design elements that are similar to 1970s muscle car trends. For example, along with the grille, you'll find circular headlights and practical Dodge Challenger emblems. On the hood, there are exhaust ports that are strategically mounted near the engine. These vents increase curb appeal and horsepower on the road.

Dodge offers a variety of Challenger cars, and it's the only brand that builds all-wheel drive muscle cars for automotive enthusiasts. Many appealing design elements are found in the vehicle as this location has a stylish dash and steering wheel.

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Don't Forget to Check Your Tires

Tire treads play an important role on every vehicle. They are a direct indicator of how the car is performing. Wear on the tires will affect the ability of how an automobile is able to handle and how it responds to the person operating it.

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